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I'm a Trust Fund Baby

I'm a Trust Fund Baby. There, I said it. I am one of those people who make others roll their eyes and mutter under their breath in distaste. Let me explain before your imagination takes over. I am both one of them and one of you.

I don't think I've ever spoken about this to anyone, like ever. I think its trust fund 101 to never discuss money or anything related to it that gets us a cocked head and eyebrow raise.

13 Reasons Why - Review & Theory

Hello, internet people and welcome to your tape. Just kidding! I have missed you!
Although I am quite miffed with the witch hunt going on in the blogging community at the moment, I have missed being a blogger, in all its glory and gore. I agree that certain things in our line of work need to stop however I am sure there are ways other than tearing each other down to do it.
I feel like this post sort of fits in right now.

Unpopular Opinions

How ironic that unpopular opinions.. have become popular. Honestly, this generation is a walking contradiction. I love it.
So because no one loves to throw out controversial statements as much as this bitch, some might say I have a knack for starting beef - I simply think I'm thought provoking and seriously misunderstood. Tragic isn't it!