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I'm a Trust Fund Baby

I'm a Trust Fund Baby. There, I said it. I am one of those people who make others roll their eyes and mutter under their breath in distaste. Let me explain before your imagination takes over. I am both one of them and one of you.

I don't think I've ever spoken about this to anyone, like ever. I think its trust fund 101 to never discuss money or anything related to it that gets us a cocked head and eyebrow raise.

13 Reasons Why - Review & Theory

Hello, internet people and welcome to your tape. Just kidding! I have missed you!
Although I am quite miffed with the witch hunt going on in the blogging community at the moment, I have missed being a blogger, in all its glory and gore. I agree that certain things in our line of work need to stop however I am sure there are ways other than tearing each other down to do it.
I feel like this post sort of fits in right now.

In My Brown Skin

My brown skin is under represented. That's just a fact, but I'm not willing to accept it anymore.
Theres a struggle of racial identity in coloured youth and it's simply because we don't seem to still fit into any role model associated positions. We are constantly provided with a white view of what we should aspire to be, and that is white, however we are not white, so its an uphill battle with no end.
So who am I supposed to be? Am I supposed to exemplify my stereotypes, or simply flex my complexion and be me? And at that I have a threat as being labelled as 'acting white' which is what? Being educated? Speaking properly? Those are not simply white people traits, but they are still held as superior traits that some of us shouldn't possess, in 2017, how crazy.
Growing up we all want to be a lot of things. Some of us wanted to be actors, some had idols such a Leo, Meryl, Emma Watson you name it.