Award Season Part 1

Something a little different today, recently I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Kendra who runs the blog Pearls and Pi.
So lets get to it.

1. What are your favorite places to shop?
I'm a Topshop-aholic but Primark also holds a special place in my heart and purse. Oh and don't get me started on makeup but I guess MAC is my go to!

2. Are you a night or morning person?
I can be any as long as I am fed and warm.

3. What are your Autumn clothing essentials?
My previous blog post is about this so make sure you check that out to find the answer!

4. Coffee or tea?
I would much rather have a cup of hot chocolate but coffee seeing as that isn't an available option.

5.What is your favorite season for fashion?
Oh that's difficult but I'll probably go with Autumn.

6. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Guinea pigs. Not even sorry.

7. What is your favorite pair of shoes?
My mum has a pair of all white Monolo's which are to die for!

8. Who inspires you?
Anyone with a good vibe.

9. If you could only use one beauty product, what would it be?
That's like asking me to pick my favourite child!

10. If you could go to any fashion week, which one would you choose and why?
Ever week is fashion but New York because I love the city.

I nominate:

My questions to you lovely bloggers are
1. What's your all time favourite movie?
2. What's your favourite Pokémon?
3. Who's your current celebrity crush?
4. Where do you get your blog inspiration from?
5. Who are your favourite bloggers?
6. Would you rather be a snail or a toad?
7. What are you most looking forward to?
8. Which Disney character are you most like?
9. What's your lucky charm?
10. Which do you prefer Summer or Winter?

Hope you enjoy my questions!

Lots of love - Aliyah xo

Beautiful Bodies

For too long people have felt that body shaming only happens on the higher end of the scale, but they couldn't be more wrong.
Firstly, why is body shaming even a thing? You would think that in this day and age we could all let eachother be happy with who we are? 
What really upsets me is that in order for larger women to feel confident about their body type, why must we degrade say some on of a smaller build and vise versa. 
Real women have curves, only a dog wants a bone? Nothing tastes better than skinny? How about we don't chose who to spend our lives with because of the shape of their body and actually get to know the person and not just the container. 
Skinny shaming has been over looked and accepted for so long that it's actually disgusting. I've even seen teachers use it in class rooms. It really does make my blood boil. If said teacher had said "oh..that so and so should go eat a salad and drop a few dress sizes" everyone and their feminist neighbour would be in uproar, but since she told a "skinny" girl, who was by the way a celebrity - still a real person, to eat a couple of burgers and made a snarky comment on her dress size, no one cared. 
We ourselves made these ideal stereotypes of what we think is acceptable and beautiful but with 7 billion people on the planet doesnt that make labelling people a little bit harder? 
Although some people may skinny shame unintentionally but they should be corrected because at the end of the day, it's unacceptable and it could cause damage.
Everyone used to ask me why I don't eat, in regards to my size but actually in fact I eat like a pig, I've just got a high mentabolisim.
I'm not unhealthy, I'm just small. I was born early and I'm only 5'1ish but to this day I have people commenting on my weight as if it's a crime. I get asked if I'm anorexic or on a diet and it's just rediculous but to others it's okay to judge bodies. 
All I'm saying is, whether you're s size 4 or a size 40, it doesn't matter. You are beautiful if you let yourself be. 

Lots of love - A xo

Naked No More!

Here it is ladies and gents. The dupe that'll knock your clothes off. So not in reference to the fact that it's a dupe for the Naked 3 Palette!
Quick back story, I was out browsing through town recently when I came across the beauty bit in Next and this little love was tucked away inbetween the perfumes and lip balms. 
Now I normally only buy Next perfumes because they just smell so nice and are perfect to pop into your handbag and if I'm honest I've never really thought of trying out the beauty products, but I couldn't resist myself, as soon as I saw it, it had to be mine.
Similarities wise the colours are almost identical and at £7 you just can't complain, I mean really if that price hasn't got you sold then what has?! We're talking a £20 discount, um yay!
The eyeshadows themselves go on really nicely, and are easy to use and blend, although some go on better if you use a damp brush. 
I've been wanting the Naked 3 for a while now so this was a blessing. Although I'm still probably going to splurge and get myself the N3 eventually, but for now this is perfect to play with and test out!
What are the best dupes you've come across? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love - A xo 

Autumn Attire



 White rib knit sleeveless tunic
With fall fast approaching, I think it's the ideal time to break out the old jumpers and, although I never put them away, high waisted jeans.
My favourite look for the colder seasons has hands down got to be an layered jumper look.
A pretty jumper with a collar underneath does the trick perfectly. 
I actually get so excited when it comes just to autumn just so I can wear my jumpers and jackets or throw on a scarf.
I'm all for layering and keeping cosy.
It also means that the Christmas markets will be going up soon and endless mugs of hot chocolate whilst watching Elf and Home Alone!
Above are some of the pieces I'm dying to get my hands on. Let me know some of your winter wants and musts!
Lots of love - A xo

10 To Zen

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time but I was actually unaware about this until about a year ago.
My friends where initially the ones to notice because it was taking a physical effect on me. I would find myself feeling anxious and intimidated by people who I was otherwise completely comfortable around and it was like a flick of a switch, it could be triggered by anything or anyone.
I would feel like I was unable to move whilst their words washed over my head and I felt like I was drowning, so I would do what I do best and retreat into my shell and panic internally. This would stop me from talking as I would often feel suffocated and I'm a very chatty person so I stuck out like a sore thumb and everyone would ask me questions which in turn just made me feel worse.
I still get frequent panic attacks but I've found a sort of technique that helps me get through them. 

Here are my top 10 ways to find my Zen
  • When you're feeling anxious in a certain situation, remove yourself from it. It's good to walk outside because a) fresh air can be very calming and b) walking actually uses up some of that adrenaline building up inside you.
  • Breathe. Try to calm your breathing. Take deep breaths. Remember in for 10 out for 10!
  • Put your headphones in, either listen to your favourite song, make sure its calming and avoid anything that could have the reverse of the desired effect, or download a relaxation app. Some of them may be complete bull but trust me they work.
  • If I'm with people, I will very kindly tell them to shut up. There is nothing worse than having someone ask you questions when you're panicking, it just concludes in more panic! Don't speak unless spoken to is a very valid rule for your company at that time.
  • Let it go. I know it may be difficult at times but letting go of your worries, fears, regrets or guilt at the time is the fastest way to calm yourself down. Have a motivational note on you phone which can help you reassure yourself. Use it as a mantra. Repeating it may even help you calm your breathing.
  • Try avoiding stress as much as possible. That may mean cutting back on the procrastination, not setting yourself specific time limits for things or just taking your time doing anything.
  • Distract yourself. Think of things that make you happy. Look back at photos or think about a memory which you hold close to your heart and again listening to your favourite songs helps.
  • Keep a diary. Whether its a small notebook or just a note on your phone, I always feel that writing down what I feel helps me think of the situation more logically and then in turn calm myself down.
  • Change your what ifs to so whats. Nothing devastatingly bad is going to happen from you having a anxiety attack, you're not going to die, or hurt someone and its okay to accept your fears!
  • Lastly ask yourself whats the worse that could actually happen? This helps you realise the main problem and you can think of how to deal with it and come up with an action plan. Meanwhile your brain gets distracted because 9/10 of the times your body's fight or flight reaction is kicking in for no reason whats so ever and you probably wont even be in an kind of danger.
I know some of these are obvious but to someone they could be helpful and I hope they are!
Feel free to comment how you deal with panic attacks and anxiety bellow. You never know who you can help.
Also if you need a chat, I'm a tweet away!

As always,
lots of love - A xo

Woman Crush Wednesday


Even though the Kardashian's have been household names for what seems like centuries, this year was truly of the Jenner. The youngest two siblings of the klan really made their mark and had most of us mesmerised.
Kendall took the runways and showed the world that even by ditching her famous name, she really does have what it takes.
And well my love for Kylie knows no end. She has been my girl crush and style icon for longer than I would like to admit and recently she turned quite the fashionista. She rightly describes her current style as girly goth with an edge and rightly so.
I just love how she mixes up her style and really shows young girls that as long as you feel confident and beautiful, you can rock anything.
I mean just look at her Byrdie feature. Girl has got it.
Even though the girls have their PacSun and Madden Girl shoe line I would personally love to see them venture into beauty. I mean how much easier would it be to nail their makeup looks. You know you want it as much as I do.
These girls where born gorgeous and wearing red soles, so is it really a surprise their taking the famous world by storm? Hell no.
Excited to see more from them!

Lofs of love - A xo

Topshop Hottie

Hailey Baldwin killed the Topshop SS15 runway. Like I can't even. Oh my.
The beautiful blonde stunned as she rocked her debut. 
This girl was practically born to be on the catwalk.
Hailey who is signed to Ford Models NY and Elite Models London looked gorgeous as ever as she gracefully strode down the runway and with posture only a ballerina could produce! 
Now I've been following Hailey for a while, gasp she even commented on my instagram photo once, and I absolutely love her and this makes me so proud to see how far she's come! I hope we get to see more of her soon.
From French Connection to Fashion Week she's blowing up a storm and it's a beaut.
I wonder what and who else is in store for us this week. Are you guys crushing on any models? 
Hailey is definitely one to watch out for, and Instagram stalk.

Lots of love - A xo 

Eyebrow Game

If you know me, then you know I am majorly obsessed with the science of eyebrows. No snickering, I take this seriously.
Curved eyebrows, square eyebrows, thick or thin, I think they add certain characteristic to your face.
And so finally I am going to reveal my ye old faithful eyebrow product. Drum roll please it is the Beauty UK  High Brow kit.
Its absolutely perfect and compact, amazingly sized and just the best thing ever. I have restocked this so many times I've lost count.
It comes with 3 different shades and brow wax.
Basically it's my favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kit dupe which is completely affordable and easily available to us Brits.
It goes on really easy and is super blend-able.
So even though eyebrows aren't twins, but instead sisters, they can be really nicely shaped and filled sisters.
What are some of your eyebrow go to products?
Lots of love - A xo

Skin Care Must

I'm forever changing my skin care routine and trying out new products to see what works with my skin. I also happen to be one of those people who think its really very important to look after you skin, whether you're a makeup fanatic or not, healthy skin is happy skin.
A lot of people put a lo of effort, a product, into keeping their skin blemish free but they sometimes forget the basics to good skin comes free!
Water is your bestfriend. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and trust me it does wonders for your skin, and no unfortunately Arizona Ice Tea doesn't count as water.
Trying to be makeup free as much as possible and letting your skin breath fresh air also goes down a treat.
But at the end of the day, a good face wash and moisturising cream are just what you need.
My recent skin care love is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I've been using this for about 3 months and I honestly think its one of best and most fast working products I have used.
The scrub first smells delicious, not like those over powering ones that smell sickly sweet but not so faint that you lose the smell instantly either. It good for treating oily skin and helping remove dry skin and leaving an after moisture behind. Also you only have to use a small amount so it lasts for ages!
I personally use this one every 2 or 3 days with my everyday Simple Kind To Skin face wash and moisturiser.
Lots of love - A xo 

Surving College for Dummies

Drum roll please, I have officially survived my first week for college, I am a full blown college girl now.
Now given my extensive experience with college, 4 days is a extremely long time, I thought I would share my new found wisdom with you guys, because I love you all so.
Just like most of your classes we'll get right into it.

1. Prepare yourself for ice breakers. You're going to have to introduce yourself till your jaw hurts. It's also handy to have a 2 truths and 1 lie prepared in your head because boy oh boy do A level lecturer's like that one. 

2. Breathe. The more you overthink the situation the more awkward you make it for yourself. Just think of it as in a couple of weeks you're going to know these people inside and out. Keep a smile on your face and try to make small talk, it'll pay off.

3. If you see someone who looks pretty much like what you feel like, sit next to them. Nothing provides great bonding like shared feelings of awkward anticipation.

4. Most colleges have digital maps you can get on your phones but if you're lost there is nothing wrong for asking for directions. Although I would probably recommend asking a member of staff for the following as the 'big kids' can be difficult, and scary, to approach.

5. Try to have fun. College is a new experience and you can be pretty much who you want to be. Make use of your fresh start and don't waste it.
So those where my top 5 do's for college. I hope if you have or are going to start college it all goes well!
Lots of Love - A xo

Wednesday Wants

This weeks Wednesday wants has to be cigarette trousers. 
They remind me of 50s so much and I'm obsessed with that fashion era! No one has any idea how happy I am these are making  come back. 
There are the similarities with these and the boyfriend jeans, also very popular, but I think these look so classy and lady like but at the same time they don't look too delicate and feminine, which I enjoy and they still have a little bit of that grunge effect and look boyfriend and mom jeans give.
They can we worn day or night and actually almost go with anything. My favourite look would be a collared shirt top tucked into a pair of these and white low Nike Air Forces.
Also you can get these in almost any colour or print imaginable! 
One problem though I'm not quite sure how these would look on myself, I'm 5'1 and of a very thin frame, but I'm definitely up for combing through topshop petite for the right pair!
A recommend but from me to make your style timeless. 

Lots of love - A xo

Monday Must Haves

This weeks Monday must have has got to be shirts.
Whether it's your average flannel or a pretty print piece, this item of clothing can see you through numerous outfits.
I personally love flannels because it's such an easy way to add layers. I mean simply put a button down over a plain t-shirt and leave the buttons undone and you've got a chill style down.
Or for a more dressy look, tuck your shirt into a pair of high waisted jeans, put your hair up and lastly add a pair of statement heels. 
Ps men's shirts are always a yes in this case! 
Oh and thank you Meela for being the inspiration for this! 

Lots of love - A xo

Eyeshadow Envy

Image Source: Tumblr

Ever since prom season I've been dealing with a serious case of eyeshadow envy. I've never been into eyeshadows before and just thought I was one of those people who would firstly apply it like a 3 year old and secondly I would definitely not be able to pull it off.
But seeing as it was my prom, the only one I was going to get, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try to step up my eye makeup game. I've been obsessed ever since.
I just love how you can mix and match colours and glitter and its amazing.
I did a lot of research, blog stalking, and watched a bunch of Tanya Burr and Zoella videos, those ladies can do some pretty eyeshadow like damn, and when I wasn't doing that I was watching more of those Instagram makeup tutorials.
So finally I went out and purchased my very first Naked Palette. Oh my God I'm in love! The colours are just so pretty and they go on so easy.
I'm excited to try out a couple of looks and get the hang of the whole eyeshadow game. Better late then never right!
Next eyeshadow goal: get the Mac palette pictured above!

Lots of love - A xo

Obsessions, team internet & Troye

Calling all beings of the internet and beyond, if you haven't heard this EP then please exit the planet. 
Troye Sivan is the South African born but raised in Perth Australia youtube sensation, who I may or may not internet stalk. He is well known for starring in the spud movies and his coming out video, also he's just so gorgeous! 
His video has helped and is still helping thousands of teenagers deal with coming out to their parents and friends all over the world.
Troye released his debut EP TRXYE, pronounced by the letter not "tricks-ee" as my mum started to call it, yes I did refrain from strangling her all is well, last month and I haven't stopped listening to it since. No seriously, it's been on repeat, everyday, not even joking, send help.
I feel like I can personally relate to each song, and there's something in there for everyone.
Basically this EP gives me life and words can't describe how proud I am of Troye. 
This is truly another win for team internet.  
His EP has been well anticipated since he announced it at vidcon and fans, like myself, even managed to crash his website along with itunes in our TRXYE induced craze. No judgement, we had to show Troye our love and support!
Each song on the EP manages to surprise you, if you haven't listened yet Fun is totally gonna blow your mind.
From the vocals to the beats and the artwork and beyond this EP is probably going to be my favourite music go to for a while. 
If you haven't already had a listen yet, yes I'm rolling my eyes at you, definitely take the time out to, trust me it's worth it.
Cheers to team internet and a huge congratulations and well done to Troye the boy. 

Lots of love - A xo 

Wednesday Wants

Duster coats.. Can you hear my internal screams!
I was recently browsing through the ASOS website doing a little college clothes buying when I stumbled across these beauties. Now I don't know how I've managed to miss these as I live by ASOS but oh my am I obsessed. 
These long coats are perfect for that summer to autumn transition, especially with the unpredictable British weather we're bound to be experiencing.
They also come in soft pastel shades along with a breath taking all black which I'm dying to get my hands on, and other patterns such as denim.
And can I just mention that the price range is from £30 and above making these an absolute steal and a wardrobe must have!
I hope to see these more in the season and through the winter. 
Style a duster coat with a plain outfit and you've got yourself a statement look! 

Lots of love - A xo

Monday Must Haves!

Lipsticks have to be my favourite part of a makeup look and I think if you pick the right one it can bring a whole outfit together. 
This week my must have has to be the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 107. 
I have been obsessed with this since in came out and I still haven't got over it.
I love the colour it comes out in, it reminds me of a tartan shade of red. It has a matte finish which is still also moist and doesn't dry out your lips, so it's basically perfect. 
I have been wearing this mostly all summer but it also makes the perfect transition into the fall season. 
Also it's basically a steal at £5.49 and I would definitely recommend it. 

- A