10 To Zen

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time but I was actually unaware about this until about a year ago.
My friends where initially the ones to notice because it was taking a physical effect on me. I would find myself feeling anxious and intimidated by people who I was otherwise completely comfortable around and it was like a flick of a switch, it could be triggered by anything or anyone.
I would feel like I was unable to move whilst their words washed over my head and I felt like I was drowning, so I would do what I do best and retreat into my shell and panic internally. This would stop me from talking as I would often feel suffocated and I'm a very chatty person so I stuck out like a sore thumb and everyone would ask me questions which in turn just made me feel worse.
I still get frequent panic attacks but I've found a sort of technique that helps me get through them. 

Here are my top 10 ways to find my Zen
  • When you're feeling anxious in a certain situation, remove yourself from it. It's good to walk outside because a) fresh air can be very calming and b) walking actually uses up some of that adrenaline building up inside you.
  • Breathe. Try to calm your breathing. Take deep breaths. Remember in for 10 out for 10!
  • Put your headphones in, either listen to your favourite song, make sure its calming and avoid anything that could have the reverse of the desired effect, or download a relaxation app. Some of them may be complete bull but trust me they work.
  • If I'm with people, I will very kindly tell them to shut up. There is nothing worse than having someone ask you questions when you're panicking, it just concludes in more panic! Don't speak unless spoken to is a very valid rule for your company at that time.
  • Let it go. I know it may be difficult at times but letting go of your worries, fears, regrets or guilt at the time is the fastest way to calm yourself down. Have a motivational note on you phone which can help you reassure yourself. Use it as a mantra. Repeating it may even help you calm your breathing.
  • Try avoiding stress as much as possible. That may mean cutting back on the procrastination, not setting yourself specific time limits for things or just taking your time doing anything.
  • Distract yourself. Think of things that make you happy. Look back at photos or think about a memory which you hold close to your heart and again listening to your favourite songs helps.
  • Keep a diary. Whether its a small notebook or just a note on your phone, I always feel that writing down what I feel helps me think of the situation more logically and then in turn calm myself down.
  • Change your what ifs to so whats. Nothing devastatingly bad is going to happen from you having a anxiety attack, you're not going to die, or hurt someone and its okay to accept your fears!
  • Lastly ask yourself whats the worse that could actually happen? This helps you realise the main problem and you can think of how to deal with it and come up with an action plan. Meanwhile your brain gets distracted because 9/10 of the times your body's fight or flight reaction is kicking in for no reason whats so ever and you probably wont even be in an kind of danger.
I know some of these are obvious but to someone they could be helpful and I hope they are!
Feel free to comment how you deal with panic attacks and anxiety bellow. You never know who you can help.
Also if you need a chat, I'm a tweet away!

As always,
lots of love - A xo

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