Beautiful Bodies

For too long people have felt that body shaming only happens on the higher end of the scale, but they couldn't be more wrong.
Firstly, why is body shaming even a thing? You would think that in this day and age we could all let eachother be happy with who we are? 
What really upsets me is that in order for larger women to feel confident about their body type, why must we degrade say some on of a smaller build and vise versa. 
Real women have curves, only a dog wants a bone? Nothing tastes better than skinny? How about we don't chose who to spend our lives with because of the shape of their body and actually get to know the person and not just the container. 
Skinny shaming has been over looked and accepted for so long that it's actually disgusting. I've even seen teachers use it in class rooms. It really does make my blood boil. If said teacher had said "oh..that so and so should go eat a salad and drop a few dress sizes" everyone and their feminist neighbour would be in uproar, but since she told a "skinny" girl, who was by the way a celebrity - still a real person, to eat a couple of burgers and made a snarky comment on her dress size, no one cared. 
We ourselves made these ideal stereotypes of what we think is acceptable and beautiful but with 7 billion people on the planet doesnt that make labelling people a little bit harder? 
Although some people may skinny shame unintentionally but they should be corrected because at the end of the day, it's unacceptable and it could cause damage.
Everyone used to ask me why I don't eat, in regards to my size but actually in fact I eat like a pig, I've just got a high mentabolisim.
I'm not unhealthy, I'm just small. I was born early and I'm only 5'1ish but to this day I have people commenting on my weight as if it's a crime. I get asked if I'm anorexic or on a diet and it's just rediculous but to others it's okay to judge bodies. 
All I'm saying is, whether you're s size 4 or a size 40, it doesn't matter. You are beautiful if you let yourself be. 

Lots of love - A xo


  1. Thankyou so much for this post. I too feel very strongly about this topic. It makes me angry when people think they have the right to comment on someone else's body or define them because of their body weight. A more personal aspect for me though is the 'skinny shaming' side. I too am slim all over, I have very slim legs (which i hate!!) But the main reason for hating them is the comments i would receive, even from people i didn't know?! It made me feel really insecure about them, and no matter how much I tried to gain weight eat more, trying to remain fairly inactive I just couldnt put on weight. I've now come to realise that I'm healthy and feel best when Im eating the amount of food which is right for me. It doesn't stop me from feeling ridiculously insecure about wearing certain things or still hating my size, but it has made me realise to just do what feels right for your own body. Thanks again for this post, really makes you feel like I'm not alone when I read things like this :) x

    1. Honestly it's bothered me for so long! I absolute hate it when people think it's acceptable to pass comments like that! And it puts you in such an awkward position! Aw thank you hunny. You're very beautiful so no need to worry, I've got really thin legs too! Do what feels right for and have a positive mindset is how I get through it. Always here if you need a chat x

  2. I am so so glad you wrote this post! This has bugged me for such a long time! I've never been able to understand why everyone has to make comparisons about everything and I think the whole 'bigger is better' attitude in particular has been one of the biggest contributors. It's so crazy! You should be able to look however you look without any ridiculous comparisons. If you look at some of the women considered the most beautiful in the world they are all completely different shapes and sizes... and skin colours... and hair colours... and eye colours. There's no such thing as standard beauty.

    Okay rant over, haha. I originally came here to tell you I have nominated you for the 'Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person' Award.

    Katie xx

  3. It's a rediculous theory I know. Especially seeing as these are the types of people who want others to have high self esteem and such!
    Thanks for the nom gorg, I'll get right on it xx