Eyebrow Game

If you know me, then you know I am majorly obsessed with the science of eyebrows. No snickering, I take this seriously.
Curved eyebrows, square eyebrows, thick or thin, I think they add certain characteristic to your face.
And so finally I am going to reveal my ye old faithful eyebrow product. Drum roll please it is the Beauty UK  High Brow kit.
Its absolutely perfect and compact, amazingly sized and just the best thing ever. I have restocked this so many times I've lost count.
It comes with 3 different shades and brow wax.
Basically it's my favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow kit dupe which is completely affordable and easily available to us Brits.
It goes on really easy and is super blend-able.
So even though eyebrows aren't twins, but instead sisters, they can be really nicely shaped and filled sisters.
What are some of your eyebrow go to products?
Lots of love - A xo

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