Obsessions, team internet & Troye

Calling all beings of the internet and beyond, if you haven't heard this EP then please exit the planet. 
Troye Sivan is the South African born but raised in Perth Australia youtube sensation, who I may or may not internet stalk. He is well known for starring in the spud movies and his coming out video, also he's just so gorgeous! 
His video has helped and is still helping thousands of teenagers deal with coming out to their parents and friends all over the world.
Troye released his debut EP TRXYE, pronounced by the letter not "tricks-ee" as my mum started to call it, yes I did refrain from strangling her all is well, last month and I haven't stopped listening to it since. No seriously, it's been on repeat, everyday, not even joking, send help.
I feel like I can personally relate to each song, and there's something in there for everyone.
Basically this EP gives me life and words can't describe how proud I am of Troye. 
This is truly another win for team internet.  
His EP has been well anticipated since he announced it at vidcon and fans, like myself, even managed to crash his website along with itunes in our TRXYE induced craze. No judgement, we had to show Troye our love and support!
Each song on the EP manages to surprise you, if you haven't listened yet Fun is totally gonna blow your mind.
From the vocals to the beats and the artwork and beyond this EP is probably going to be my favourite music go to for a while. 
If you haven't already had a listen yet, yes I'm rolling my eyes at you, definitely take the time out to, trust me it's worth it.
Cheers to team internet and a huge congratulations and well done to Troye the boy. 

Lots of love - A xo 


  1. I love his new EP! on repeat at the moment hahah x

  2. I know the feeling! It's just so good x