Surving College for Dummies

Drum roll please, I have officially survived my first week for college, I am a full blown college girl now.
Now given my extensive experience with college, 4 days is a extremely long time, I thought I would share my new found wisdom with you guys, because I love you all so.
Just like most of your classes we'll get right into it.

1. Prepare yourself for ice breakers. You're going to have to introduce yourself till your jaw hurts. It's also handy to have a 2 truths and 1 lie prepared in your head because boy oh boy do A level lecturer's like that one. 

2. Breathe. The more you overthink the situation the more awkward you make it for yourself. Just think of it as in a couple of weeks you're going to know these people inside and out. Keep a smile on your face and try to make small talk, it'll pay off.

3. If you see someone who looks pretty much like what you feel like, sit next to them. Nothing provides great bonding like shared feelings of awkward anticipation.

4. Most colleges have digital maps you can get on your phones but if you're lost there is nothing wrong for asking for directions. Although I would probably recommend asking a member of staff for the following as the 'big kids' can be difficult, and scary, to approach.

5. Try to have fun. College is a new experience and you can be pretty much who you want to be. Make use of your fresh start and don't waste it.
So those where my top 5 do's for college. I hope if you have or are going to start college it all goes well!
Lots of Love - A xo

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