Wednesday Wants

This weeks Wednesday wants has to be cigarette trousers. 
They remind me of 50s so much and I'm obsessed with that fashion era! No one has any idea how happy I am these are making  come back. 
There are the similarities with these and the boyfriend jeans, also very popular, but I think these look so classy and lady like but at the same time they don't look too delicate and feminine, which I enjoy and they still have a little bit of that grunge effect and look boyfriend and mom jeans give.
They can we worn day or night and actually almost go with anything. My favourite look would be a collared shirt top tucked into a pair of these and white low Nike Air Forces.
Also you can get these in almost any colour or print imaginable! 
One problem though I'm not quite sure how these would look on myself, I'm 5'1 and of a very thin frame, but I'm definitely up for combing through topshop petite for the right pair!
A recommend but from me to make your style timeless. 

Lots of love - A xo


  1. I sooo wish I didn't have footballers legs... I'd love to be able to rock cigarette pants! Xx

  2. Don't be silly, I'm sure you would be able to rock these hands down. All that matters is if you feel confident! xx