Woman Crush Wednesday


Even though the Kardashian's have been household names for what seems like centuries, this year was truly of the Jenner. The youngest two siblings of the klan really made their mark and had most of us mesmerised.
Kendall took the runways and showed the world that even by ditching her famous name, she really does have what it takes.
And well my love for Kylie knows no end. She has been my girl crush and style icon for longer than I would like to admit and recently she turned quite the fashionista. She rightly describes her current style as girly goth with an edge and rightly so.
I just love how she mixes up her style and really shows young girls that as long as you feel confident and beautiful, you can rock anything.
I mean just look at her Byrdie feature. Girl has got it.
Even though the girls have their PacSun and Madden Girl shoe line I would personally love to see them venture into beauty. I mean how much easier would it be to nail their makeup looks. You know you want it as much as I do.
These girls where born gorgeous and wearing red soles, so is it really a surprise their taking the famous world by storm? Hell no.
Excited to see more from them!

Lofs of love - A xo

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  1. I would love to see a beauty line from them, I'm so surprised they haven't done one yet! Great post.

    Katie xx