50 Shades of Winter

Maddison Coat
Winter is well and truly upon us now. With christmas decorations popping up everywhere and the black friday weekend sales ready for the final payday before Santa arrives, I think its the perfect time to pick yourself up a little treat. And a colourful one at that.
This season we get the blessing of having a colourful winter. Pastels weren't just for spring and summer this year. We're rocking the blue hues and baby pinks till our cheeks are the same colour. Oh and can we talk about how badass greys have broke through this year. Wang for H&M makes me want to cry diamonds. Its truly a 50 shades of colour winter. Whether you have Mr. Grey or Mr. Darcy kinda feels.
The weather is a little undeceive at the moment but you can feel the cold starting to kick in with it basically getting dark before the suns even come out.
I'm loving the oversized jumpers out right now. There is nothing better than being all cosy and warm in a knitted goody whilst your college lecturers drone on!
Tis the to be joly, in colour of course. I dare you to rock out a colourful knit or a bold and block coloured baggy boyfriend piece! 
This Coach Blue Maddison Coat is a bargain going down from £150 to £100! Ps if anyones around Gunwharf you can get at the futher reduced price of £70! Oh and it comes in petite.. Can college be over quicker please!

Lots of love - A xo

New Beginnings

I'm so sorry for the lack of, well actually no posts over the last few weeks. I've been feeling really sad and for no specific reason.
See I'm one of those people who, unfortunately, when things start to look up for them, they're always short lived but that's life.
I'm so thankful for the life I live and experiences I've had but I just feel like there's a black hole in my chest that can't be filled and it's getting bigger and bigger.
My anxiety has been awful and as blogging has pretty much become my diary, I couldn't let anyone read such lifeless posts. 
However I am not writing this post to mope. As the title suggests, I'm making a fresh start, a new beginning, turning a leaf, whatever you want to call it. I'm doing it.
I've always been taught to fight and work for what I want. And I want to be happy.
So from this point onwards I'm cutting everything I don't need out of my life. Whether it be a person, place or even a bad memory. It's time to let it go. Life is honestly too short. Instead, I'll fall in love with new places, people and make mistakes and know that it's okay too because how else will I learn and grow as a person.
I'm done with being lost between the person I am and the person I should be. 
Pictured above is my favourite place on earth and actually where I started my new beginning. Don't wait for New Years!
Surrounding myself with positivity, love and good spirits as I hope you all do too! 

As always,
Lots of Love - A xo