Names and Faces

This is my first post with a photo of me! Hello my lovelies. 
I've been loving high necked jumpers. There's nothing better than being able to pull a jumper over your head whilst your college lecturer goes on and on. Am I right? I'm so right! 
As you can tell blogmas and coursework have got me kind of delirious but I couldn't help but share this comfy find!
Primark have out done themselves with these gorgeous high neck jumpers for just £6! Perfect for winter. I think I brought one in every colour they had! 
They look on and can be used to add layers to your outfits and they're so warm. 
Throw on your favourite scarf, mines this tartan number from River Island, and you've got winter chic down alongside being comfy and warm!
What's your winter wardrobe must have?

Lots of Love - A xo 

Book Club || All Fall Down

I'm so excited for this post. I love a good book, I always have. When I was younger I could get through a couple a day but as I'm notably a bit busier than I was then finding a good book is always a treat.
I loved the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter so when a postman dropped a top secret envolope from the Government of Adria, Christmas had truly come early. 
All Fall Down is the new book written by Ally Carter set to come out in 2015 as the first part of The Embassy Row series. 
It follows Grace, the main character, as she tries to get everyone to believe that her mother was murdered. But no one on Embassy Row believes her and when the past catches up to her she has to stop it from hurting anyone else because one thing about Embassy Row, if one of the countries fall, they all fall down. 
It's honestly such a gripping book with the best unexpected plot twists I've ever read! So excited for this to come out for everyone to read. I finished it within hours! 
Whilst you wait for this to hit the bookshelves I would highly suggest you read the other book series' from Ally Carter.
Finally my faith in YA novels has be restored! 

Lots of Love - A xo

Victoria's Secret

Oh my god. Can I just.. No I can't. OH MY GOD.
However bad Victoria is at keeping a secret she sure knows how to put together a show! 
Tuesday was literally a dream. From Taylor to Karlie to Ed and Ariana everything simply took my breath away.
But I don't want to talk about the show. I will probably end up ruining it for everyone but it airs December 9th globally. Although, I will say Hozier is now one of most played artist - Yes its barely been 24 hours and the £2,000,000 brassieres are 100% on my Christmas list! Santa if you're reading this, I've been so totally-almost good this year!
What I want to talk about is that the show is packed full of strong, independent and beautiful women. Who actually celebrate each other. Yeah that's right.
A lot of people just see women walking down the runway half naked but to me that is far from what is actually happening. For as long as the entertainment industry has been around women have mostly likely been seen as competing with each other. It's never a showdown between two male actors about who has the best bum. Lets face it. It doesn't happen. Boy's in this case have it easier but what's so good to see is that these healthy, yes they are all healthy and no we do not tolerate weight shaming on this blog, women can a celebrate being sexy and healthy whilst working some gorgeous underwear! That's that.
To round up this horribly worded post. All I'm trying to say is that women and men should be able to express themselves in any way they want and that being a feminist does not been you are an ugly, badly dressed person who doesn't take care of themselves! Feminism is beauty and power. Something a lot of girls and boys need to learn these days.

Lots of Love - A xo

Green Mango

Just a friendly reminder today that the world is what we make of it.
If we don't take a stand no one will. What kind of a world do you want your children to live in?
You don't need a large group of people to make a difference but change one persons habits. Your own and watch the difference you can make.

Lots of love - A xo

Best of British Fashion Awards 2014

The air is still electric from Monday's fashion awards and with the Victoria's Secret Londson Fashion show hours from debut the fashion world is buzzing and I want a piece.
Monday night saw glitz, glamour and gorgeous galore. From the Delevinge girls to Anna Wintor here are my favourite ensembles from the night. 

RiRi and Emma both rocked the oversized boyfriend blazer jackets. Rihanna kept it bold and minimal, whilst Emma paired hers over an angelic white gown. A timeless piece for both good and bad girls alike. 

Forever the fashion savvy couple. The Beckhams stunned the carpet. Of course as always keeping is classy and chic and simple in of course Victoria's own designs.

Harry Styles looked almost Christmassy with his almost candy cane stripped Lanvin suit. And his hair looked completely tamed!

Budding bffs Kendall and Cara kept the monochrome trend alive and gorgeous. Both the models kept in simple and elegant with subtle pops of colour in their makeup. I'm sure Burberry and Pucci are proud.

Poppy Delevinge brought out her inner ballerina rocker with this pretty mesh number from Topshop. The bag has to be my favourite piece from the night!

As for the boys, Oliver Cheshire looked absolutely gorgeous in this midnight blue M&S suit. Totally compliments his amazing jaw structure. I'm not okay. Nope!
So whilst I stare at Oliver Cheshire, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Of course there wasn't any worst dressed people. Fashun demands to be heard and expressed in unthinkable ways. 

Loves of love - A xo 

The Final Chapter

We seem to have adopted the Black Friday tradition from our pals over the pond but we missed the main point of this weekend. To be thankful. Whilst all of us, including myself, where caught up in the crazy sales and consumer haze how many of us thought of what we had to be thankful for and trust me, we have a lot.
We're honestly all so blessed. Yes, we have our ups and downs in life as we grow and learn but thats the price of being alive.
I could go on and on till this time next year saying everything I'm thankful for but I'll try to keep it short.
I'm thankful for everyone that I have ever encountered, yes I wish some I had met, or ended with, on better terms but I can assure you they taught me something, whether their lesson was with love or just an eye opener, it must of made me that little bit wiser right.
I can not begin to say how thankful I am for every single person in my family. The whole lot. Even the weird cousins that I dont speak to and the family I chose myself, well they kind of found me actually. Can't even call them friends anymore. Just more heads in the family count.
Like seriously, I think Cheanne and I are soul twins. No other words to describe our bond. Anyway, however crazy they are, I dont think I could ever explain what their constant support and endless love means to me. I could never do half the things I do with out them.
Most of all I'm thankful for my mum, for putting up with me, for staying back and letting me find my way but for always being the person I can rely on and for giving me her brown eyes. 
Theres so much more to be said but I'll end up turning this into a blog book rather than a post.
Moral of the story. Always be thankful. Stay humble. It's the best way about it.
It's the final month of 2014. The final chapter of this year. Make it a great one for yourself and those around and remember live it to the fullest. Life is short but seeing as we created the concept of time and its down to us how we spend it and make it last.

Lots of love - A xo