One of Your Own

You know when you get to that point in life where everything's moving at 100mph and everyone's going in different directions but something happens and for a second, maybe even a fraction of one, everything stops and you realise that it's all worth it? That sense of pride that you, your friend or a family member has put their all into something and created something, big or small, through their hustle.
These last few months have been difficult, some of you may know I've been working on my own line of stationery which I anticipate releasing and some of you may not care, and that's calm. I get it, rulers and notebooks aren't everyone's equipment.. I've not been as inspired to write, I'm not sure as to why. I've decided to take a more backseat approach, to open myself up to others and live through their experiences with them, and I think I found what I'm looking for.
A lot of the time, I write, I post and I deal with the negativity that comes with it, but recently, when I've been less active I've truly learnt how much support I've had from my friends around. I probably don't say it enough but thank you Cheanne, for being there, through everything. Thank you for catching the smiles and tears and everything in between. Thank you for believing in me!
2016 is fast approaching, and I don't think I've ever been connected with so many motivated people. There's a constant hum of hustle around me and it's changed my perspective completely these last few weeks.
Whether it's my brief meetings with Nando, ahead of his anticipated Angel Clothing release, spontaneous brain storming in someone's kitchen with Foday, or listening to Prom and Jason take over soundcloud, it excites me to see what the future holds.
From homegrown grime artist to street fashion designers is unreal to see where we've all gotten over the past year, month and weeks. Here's to growing some more and taking over the new year.

All my love.

Things I Wish Young Asian Girls Knew

They have to be said. The world has to know. It is time.

1. Hands down you will be the ugly duckling of the class growing up. Puberty will leave you with an unfortunate bout of unwanted facial hair and between your monobrow and peach fuzz, you're gonna look like a dead wringer for your cousin Abdul from back home. But fear not. Threading will become your bestfriend and your Asian beauty will flourish. Thick brows and glossy hair will become you young grasshopper.

2. Wash the damn coconut oil out of your hair. It's not a good look. Abort mission. I repeat abort mission. Are you a snail? Is the answer no? Good now sort your slimey ass hair out. It's not cute and it's definitely not nessecary.

3. PLEASE. I beg you. Do not concoct an elaborate lie to go and do sisha with your friends. It's not that deep. Your parents will know you weren't at maths revision when you bring home that pretty little U on your grade sheet. I hope you're better at dodging sandals than you are aunties on the high street. I'll pray for you.

4. Speaking of grades. When you rebel, which you will, don't let your education suffer. Your beauty will fade and your friends will leave but wouldn't you rather be rich and better off than alone and broke? Focus on the hustle baby girl. It's worth it. Tell your rudeboy to link you after maths revision. You've got goals.

5. Dark skin is beautiful. Put down the banana powder and embrace your natural NC40 shade. Come on now. You look like an ashtray rather than Angelina Jolie. Embrace your colour honestly it's beautiful. No matter how dark, light, blue or green you are, using the fair and lovely your nan brought back from Bangladesh for you isn't worth it. Sorry.

6. Your parents love you. Yes they are embarrassing. Yes they will be strict. But just give a thought to how they were raised. They just want to make sure you stay true to your roots. Give them time, respect and keep their trust. Believe me with time they will get more lenient. Running away with your boyfriend from BBM isn't the answer, he's a wasteman. Trust me your dad loves you more, in his own weird way.

7. There is no need to travel with extra clothes in your bag to change into behind a bush on your way out. Just because you're not allowed to show some cheeky shoulder, doesn't mean you have to show everything else to compensate. Respect yourself and know your worth. Are you really trying to get Mo in his Corsa to holla at you? Really now.

8. HUMANS should not smell like CURRY. Curry should smell like curry. Humans should smell like.. Well you get it right. Febreeze yourself if you have to. Crack a window when your mums cooking and shut your room door. Not rocket science. Side note: humans should also smell nice. Hygiene is important. Deodorise when you need it. You know you need it!

9. You don't have to be a doctor or a lawyer. There are other professions. You also don't have to marry a doctor or lawyer. You'll find a nice man one day, or your uncle with the crooked tash has got you sorted already.

10. Not every roadman or rudeboy you meet is going to marry you. Stop planning your wedding Bushra. No you're not tying him down at 21 and no he isn't converting for you. Try focusing on your own deen before trying to change another. Let them be a learning curve. That's all.

11. Learn about your religion. Do not just follow like a sheep. Ask questions. Take on board information. Be proud of your roots. Embrace where you come from and what you believe in. Those who love you truly, will love you for your roots and not leave you when autumn comes and your leaves fade and fall.

12. Asian girls can be sneaky and sly. Be careful of the ones you chose. But you're not in competition and not all of them are bad. You'll get the odd one who'll drop you in shit trying to save their own skin but what you gonna do. Your life isn't Mean Girls: Bollywood Reload. Chill. We've got to to stick together in this.


He saw the angel in her,
Soft and sweet.
Her nature was caring, a dream to him.
He saw the angel in her,
and she saw him too.
His dark brown eyes and smile so sweet.
A smile just for her they said.
They all said.
Not a word of what lies ahead.
They all saw the angel in her.
One day she flew too close.
Oh that stranger with the sweet smile and soulful eyes.
He promised her of greater sky's and freedom.
He promised her kingdoms and a life of love. 
He caressed her wings as she fell and oh she fell truly.
And then, just then, as it couldn't get sweeter.
He clipped her wings and made her the devil of his sins.
And now she stumbles among the earth, no angel, no stranger.
An empty soul and broken heart,
She stumbles on. 

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation
The ridiculous notion that being of a different culture or race (especially white) means that you are not allowed to adopt things from other cultures. This does nothing but support segregation and hinder progress in the world. All it serves to do is to promote segregation and racism. - Urban Dictionary. How is it that were in 2015 and everyone drones on about equality yet diversity but still manage to have a divide through society which no one really wants to talk about.
To be honest I think no one talks about it because they're too oblivious to see it even though it exists and it's a very large problem.
It's everyday cultural appropriation and here's my opinion on it, because quiet frankly not enough people seem to be voicing theirs and I clearly don't mind stepping on a few toes.
Remember when Miley Cyrus twerked on stage with only black female backup singers and dancers? Remember the fall out? Well one of the comments she recieved most was "bitch thinks she's ghetto" now please correct me but um Miley decided to behave in a way society believes is reserved for black people only so suddenly she's ghetto? Oh and also lets just mention the ideology that the ghettos are just for black people.. I'm sure that's factually correct.
Whilst we're on the topic of music and mishaps Complex early this month stated that Kendrick Lamar makes music for black people whilst Drake makes black people music for white people. How do we go about defining the colour of music? And if so does that mean that black people music made by a black person for black people cant be listened to by a white person and vice versa? No? Why? Because white culture is deemed open to all and black cultural is something unknown to man?
Oh please. As if segregation was abolished.
So here's what's wrong with cultural appropriation. The borrowing of another minority or disadvantaged groups traditions and values. Well, if we're being straight forward it's not borrowing technically I would say more along the lines of exploitation and easy access to culture. Who needs to learn about others and their origins when you can just go on holiday and come back with corn rows and a henna tattoo. By allowing ourselves to pick and choose parts of cultures that we think are in, we continue to corner ourselves further into stereotypical boxes.
Plus most of these cultural groups are no longer weak minorities and at a disadvantage.
I'm not trying to say we should chose to ignore other cultures but to rather embrace them in a respectful way. People haven't kept generations of traditions for us to chose and mock which ever ones we think are cool for a season and disregard the others. A little thought and consideration goes a long way.

- A xo

Fresh Fades

This ones for the boys, I'm big on gender equality and I rarely see fashion bloggers write about males so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Over the past few fashion seasons we've seen a new street style emerge. From high end to high street the rise of Sophisticated Street wear has been monumentus.
We saw it on the Yeezus runway, we see it everyday. Most of us take part in the biggest trend of the century without even trying to because when it comes down to it, it's how we put our own spin on what's out there. Individuality is the key to this era.
The male fashion world has turned up the heat recently. Boys do care about what they wear, as they rightly can and should and have done so for as long as women have. 
From fresh fades to on point apparel how much is too much for the effortless chic look?
I asked a friend of my recently to describe his personal style, to me it's the perfect mix of urban street with business casual, and it gave me the inspiration for this post. He went on to tell me now we don't just wear clothing for the sake of it, there's a greater purpose and meaning behind why we represent ourselves the way we do with our clothing choices and sometimes it's not all that easy to describe to others and honestly I haven't related to anything so much in a while.
I think there's a fine line between keeping it too fresh and then just looking unkempt. I prefer the lived in look to fresh cuts every week. If people can no longer differentiate when you've had a shape up, then you're doing it wrong.
It's all about longline this season. The looser the better.
Oversized tee's, bombers and duster jackets are street-walker essentials, add in some mental hardware zip detailing and you've got it figured out. 
Who said fashion was only made in design houses and runways.
- A.

Which Watch



So recently the lovely people at House of Watches sent me this cool Swatch watch*. Now I absolutely love watches, the bigger the dial the better, however I've probably got the smallest wrists ever so watches are something that have never really worked for me, see my dilema? But Swatch have definitely restored my faith in time pieces and heres why.
The reason I loved this watch so much is firstly the pattern is gorgeous, even though its not something I would buy naturally myself I'm surpised how much I actually love it.
I'm loving tartan again and this provides the perfect pop to my mostly monochrome wardrobe.
It has the perfect balance between being a pop of colour and not throwing your outfit off which sometimes can be difficult to master with pattern pieces.
Secondly the size of this watch is perfect for me. The face of the watch looks big however doesnt swallow my wrisit completely which is something I find so rare. The watch belt itself has multiple holes which means everyone can find a suitable size thats comfortable for them.
Thank you Swatch for filling the petite yet large watch niche, is that a thing? Well I'm making it a thing.

House of Watches currently have the cutest Mothers day collection out. I defintely know what I'm getting my mum now! Bonus most of these watches have been reduced so maybe its's time I invest in my second watch? Yeah that sounds like a good idea to me.
Are you a watch wearer?
Love - A xo



Reset, Forget, Move On

I don't think I can honestly apologise for not being around lately but it's been an interesting couple of weeks over here in my little world and I thought I would use this Monday night to type up a few wise, maybe at times explicit, words for my lovely readers.
We all have that one friend who claims they hate drama. They can't stand "the basics" yet most of the time, trust me it took a lot not to type ALL THE  TIME, they're the ones with the crowns on their heads.
Don't get me wrong I'm not telling you to go around eliminating your friends, but for me, I personally have no room, at all, for people like that in my life. Everyone who fits the description please form an orderly queue and send yourselves back to 2013, much obliged.
I see no purpose of stepping on egg shells to impress someone who's just using you as a stepping stone. You are not a piece on someone else's chessboard. Know your worth.
If you know you are the type of person you gets a thrill and feels important by dropping of snippets of drama from person to another, stop yourself. Firstly, you sir are a dickhead. Secondly, change. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on the world but I think its safe to say that the more happiness you steal from others the further you get from your own. Karma's crazy.
My second point of the night. If what I post on instagram, snapchat, twitter or my blog offends you then stop yourself again. Re-evaluate your life, unfollow me and stay in your lane bitch. I do not, I repeat do not live my life to please anyone except myself and those who actually mean something to me and trust me the list has very few on it.
If I don't give you the time of day and you can't seem to keep my name out of your mouth then by all means go ahead. You're a true fan.
And with that I end my life lessons of 2015 or I'm finally getting rid of friends who have made it to college without growing an inch of personality and who still believe the world revolves around them.

As always, with all my love - A xo

Side note - Hope everyone is having an amazing 2015 :)