Reset, Forget, Move On

I don't think I can honestly apologise for not being around lately but it's been an interesting couple of weeks over here in my little world and I thought I would use this Monday night to type up a few wise, maybe at times explicit, words for my lovely readers.
We all have that one friend who claims they hate drama. They can't stand "the basics" yet most of the time, trust me it took a lot not to type ALL THE  TIME, they're the ones with the crowns on their heads.
Don't get me wrong I'm not telling you to go around eliminating your friends, but for me, I personally have no room, at all, for people like that in my life. Everyone who fits the description please form an orderly queue and send yourselves back to 2013, much obliged.
I see no purpose of stepping on egg shells to impress someone who's just using you as a stepping stone. You are not a piece on someone else's chessboard. Know your worth.
If you know you are the type of person you gets a thrill and feels important by dropping of snippets of drama from person to another, stop yourself. Firstly, you sir are a dickhead. Secondly, change. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on the world but I think its safe to say that the more happiness you steal from others the further you get from your own. Karma's crazy.
My second point of the night. If what I post on instagram, snapchat, twitter or my blog offends you then stop yourself again. Re-evaluate your life, unfollow me and stay in your lane bitch. I do not, I repeat do not live my life to please anyone except myself and those who actually mean something to me and trust me the list has very few on it.
If I don't give you the time of day and you can't seem to keep my name out of your mouth then by all means go ahead. You're a true fan.
And with that I end my life lessons of 2015 or I'm finally getting rid of friends who have made it to college without growing an inch of personality and who still believe the world revolves around them.

As always, with all my love - A xo

Side note - Hope everyone is having an amazing 2015 :)