Fresh Fades

This ones for the boys, I'm big on gender equality and I rarely see fashion bloggers write about males so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Over the past few fashion seasons we've seen a new street style emerge. From high end to high street the rise of Sophisticated Street wear has been monumentus.
We saw it on the Yeezus runway, we see it everyday. Most of us take part in the biggest trend of the century without even trying to because when it comes down to it, it's how we put our own spin on what's out there. Individuality is the key to this era.
The male fashion world has turned up the heat recently. Boys do care about what they wear, as they rightly can and should and have done so for as long as women have. 
From fresh fades to on point apparel how much is too much for the effortless chic look?
I asked a friend of my recently to describe his personal style, to me it's the perfect mix of urban street with business casual, and it gave me the inspiration for this post. He went on to tell me now we don't just wear clothing for the sake of it, there's a greater purpose and meaning behind why we represent ourselves the way we do with our clothing choices and sometimes it's not all that easy to describe to others and honestly I haven't related to anything so much in a while.
I think there's a fine line between keeping it too fresh and then just looking unkempt. I prefer the lived in look to fresh cuts every week. If people can no longer differentiate when you've had a shape up, then you're doing it wrong.
It's all about longline this season. The looser the better.
Oversized tee's, bombers and duster jackets are street-walker essentials, add in some mental hardware zip detailing and you've got it figured out. 
Who said fashion was only made in design houses and runways.
- A.

Which Watch



So recently the lovely people at House of Watches sent me this cool Swatch watch*. Now I absolutely love watches, the bigger the dial the better, however I've probably got the smallest wrists ever so watches are something that have never really worked for me, see my dilema? But Swatch have definitely restored my faith in time pieces and heres why.
The reason I loved this watch so much is firstly the pattern is gorgeous, even though its not something I would buy naturally myself I'm surpised how much I actually love it.
I'm loving tartan again and this provides the perfect pop to my mostly monochrome wardrobe.
It has the perfect balance between being a pop of colour and not throwing your outfit off which sometimes can be difficult to master with pattern pieces.
Secondly the size of this watch is perfect for me. The face of the watch looks big however doesnt swallow my wrisit completely which is something I find so rare. The watch belt itself has multiple holes which means everyone can find a suitable size thats comfortable for them.
Thank you Swatch for filling the petite yet large watch niche, is that a thing? Well I'm making it a thing.

House of Watches currently have the cutest Mothers day collection out. I defintely know what I'm getting my mum now! Bonus most of these watches have been reduced so maybe its's time I invest in my second watch? Yeah that sounds like a good idea to me.
Are you a watch wearer?
Love - A xo