He saw the angel in her,
Soft and sweet.
Her nature was caring, a dream to him.
He saw the angel in her,
and she saw him too.
His dark brown eyes and smile so sweet.
A smile just for her they said.
They all said.
Not a word of what lies ahead.
They all saw the angel in her.
One day she flew too close.
Oh that stranger with the sweet smile and soulful eyes.
He promised her of greater sky's and freedom.
He promised her kingdoms and a life of love. 
He caressed her wings as she fell and oh she fell truly.
And then, just then, as it couldn't get sweeter.
He clipped her wings and made her the devil of his sins.
And now she stumbles among the earth, no angel, no stranger.
An empty soul and broken heart,
She stumbles on.