One of Your Own

You know when you get to that point in life where everything's moving at 100mph and everyone's going in different directions but something happens and for a second, maybe even a fraction of one, everything stops and you realise that it's all worth it? That sense of pride that you, your friend or a family member has put their all into something and created something, big or small, through their hustle.
These last few months have been difficult, some of you may know I've been working on my own line of stationery which I anticipate releasing and some of you may not care, and that's calm. I get it, rulers and notebooks aren't everyone's equipment.. I've not been as inspired to write, I'm not sure as to why. I've decided to take a more backseat approach, to open myself up to others and live through their experiences with them, and I think I found what I'm looking for.
A lot of the time, I write, I post and I deal with the negativity that comes with it, but recently, when I've been less active I've truly learnt how much support I've had from my friends around. I probably don't say it enough but thank you Cheanne, for being there, through everything. Thank you for catching the smiles and tears and everything in between. Thank you for believing in me!
2016 is fast approaching, and I don't think I've ever been connected with so many motivated people. There's a constant hum of hustle around me and it's changed my perspective completely these last few weeks.
Whether it's my brief meetings with Nando, ahead of his anticipated Angel Clothing release, spontaneous brain storming in someone's kitchen with Foday, or listening to Prom and Jason take over soundcloud, it excites me to see what the future holds.
From homegrown grime artist to street fashion designers is unreal to see where we've all gotten over the past year, month and weeks. Here's to growing some more and taking over the new year.

All my love.