Stay In Formation

How easy it is to forget that the society we live in has been altered through history.
How many of you watched Beyonce's formation video and over looked the point completely or were shocked that the video actually didn't depict black people as SLAVES.
The unfortunate truth is that history has been watered down and altered to a required taste. White mans supremacy still stands.
Heres why Beyonce's video and super bowl performance are much more than they seem.
Last years most viewed video was Adele struggling to get service on her flip phone in an abandoned house.. the only historic connotations being that of her reaching out to a lover of her past. 
Okay, now lets talk about Formation. Lets talk about how Black artists constantly have to pay homage and keep their history alive in their music and art due to society being so keen to bury it.
How many of you truly knew that throughout history New Orleans was home to wealthy Black families. Yes, WEALTHY, yes that means black people have never ONLY been slaves in history. 
Why do our history books fail to mention this however come in abundance of images of barely dressed, weak, oppressed coloured people? Let me not lie white people supremacy is a bitch. 
How many of you knew that the Black Panthers practiced their Second Amendment Right to carry registered fire arms rather than roam around shooting people, did you know they helped their suffering community. They protected those that the law chose to overlook. 
The same law laid by the same government who years later chose to abandon the victims of New Orleans in their flooding homes and shoot down boys with toy guns.
Do you know why we do not know most of these points? If we did, the white man would no longer dominate history. The world would know that minorities are not to be messed with and that the white ruling class is no longer tolerated.
Politics is not my strong point, and I don't see Beyonce running for president, however if I can see cracks in how this world is run I'm sure you can too. 
Why is Black Lives Matter Too challenged with but All Lives Matter? If I'm correct, all lives, white people - we mean white people when we say all lives because they can't be feeling cheated and conned out of something now can they, were not the target of careless slaughter in 2016. The idea was never that black lives are more important than others, the message is that black lives are EQUALLY as important as yellow, blue, pink or white lives. How have people taken this message and twisted it is beyond me.
If I were to say Feed The Children, would you then turn around and say are all FEED ALL CHILDREN? You wouldn't and do you know why? It is easy to ignore a supposed minorities suffering than it is to anything else. All children do not suffer from starvation and you know it, all lives do not need saving from the government, you just chose to not acknowledge it.