Life Tutorial 101

I've some how managed to get myself through 18 years of life, as thankful as I am, I have quite literally stumbled my way through these 18 years of free play and into *deep breaths* adulthood. Here's a little insight as to what I learned from my little game tutorial.

I swear down if someone had told me at age 15 that the boy I'm crying over would mean jack shit to me in 2 years.. I probably wouldn't have believed them.. but still the point is, there will be PLENTY of boys and girls to cry over, literally loads, he or she isn't shit. You'll get over it. You'll grow and mature and you'll learn to love again and deeper. I won't say it isn't real love,whatever that is, but in our naive states we must remember that if we act like we're 30 and married now, what have we got to look forward to at 30?

Point numero dos. Partying is great. Fake ID's are amazing. Melted attempt at contour and the smokey cat eye.. bit of a hit and miss but you've got years to nail it, nows not the time. Stop trying to look 20 at 14, I have the worst baby face I honestly have no idea what used to possess me when I did my makeup literally a train wreck. Oh and not doing your homework because you've lied and told your mother you're sleeping at a friends so you can actually get smashed and off your face at a party is a bit of a grey area. No, partying isn't technically bad for you.. but a balance is so important. You won't understand how important paying attention in your education is till you fuck it up. Telling your friends you're falling everything may sound funny and relatable at the time but do you wanna be sat outside the job centre in a mid life crisis because you still can't get a part time job at 35? Nah, I didn't think so.
*sidenote: take all alcohol and drugs in proportion please children thanking you all muchly*

This ones a touchy subject but who cares. Don't change any part of you because of who you're friends with. Don't let yourself get into situations that will change your mindset forever. I made that mistake and I'm still working my way to fix it. 'Friends' come and go, its the way of life. I can guarantee the friends you think you'll have forever, you only have them because you're stuck together 5 days a week. College and life will weed out the fake friends and even then, never put it past someone to snake you. People are full of surprises. So be adventurous as to whom you share your time with. I've never felt more at home than with friends I've made a few months ago - shoutout to King Prom's angels and everyone at 57, yes I mean you lot. Fuck it, make friends with the eccentric guy who wears the best shoes, or with the quiet girl who loves taking photos. Take your time to know people, all people, thats all I suggest and the results are worth it.

Now this isn't all I've learned but it is some of the things I wish I had done differently. Childhood and innocence goes by so quickly I wish we didn't spend so much of wishing to be older. Here's to knock door run and playing with your neighbours and water fights, paddling pools and ice lollies in the summer.


  1. Preach girl <3 now I have to go back and read your other posts

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    Where DA BOOTY AT?!


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