open letter

Dear all,
I write this open letter to you today to explain why I am carefree, unappologetic and unabashfully unashamed in myself, my protrayal of myself on social media and my work.
I normally do not address issues such as this due to, a tale as old as time, everyone has something to say when your back is turned but never anything to your face.
So today I address you, whether you are old friends, new friends, enemies or strangers, this is to you.
The snaps you post, the tweets you aim and your general words you use to defame my character and who I am, the rumours you spread to belittle me, is more than that. You bash my creativity. My thoughts. My soul. 
I put everything into my blog, and trust me it is not for you narrow minded assholes.
I am not the only person in the world who does this. Blogging and creativity has been about before even you and I. 
I am not trying to make it or to be famous. I am simply enjoying myself and my art. I am being who I wish to be, just as you are with your hate and spite. 
Whether you speak highly or poorly of me, I still seem to be taking up a considerate amount of your thought space, and some of you have really little of that available, I am thankful. I want you to think. The next time you make snide remarks about me buying my readers or even my followers, I am not going to correct you, you're not worth wasting that much time on, I simply ask for you to think. 
I want you to know how it feels when someone attacks you for more than who you are. However I also wish you never experience that. I hope your mind evolves and your creativity continues to flow and you find an outlet like I have.
So please take this as a request. 
A request for you to continue doing you, but just let me do me in peace. It is becoming exhausting.
I ask you to cease and desist from assuming that your opinions bother me and will stop me from living my life.
I did not enter this world with your permission and I sure as hell do not need it to do my own thing and live my life.

Yours truly, all my love. 


  1. This is amazing and incredibly articulate

  2. This is amazing and incredibly articulate