Why Now Is The Time To Take Risks

There's no point in being a dreamer if you never get around to the actual doing part of things. Regret is a seriously draining emotion and what could of been should never haunt your future. Taking a risk, a jump of faith, could potentially change your life yes, but isn't the purpose of life to continue to grow and evolve?
Someone close to me recently got married and we're talking about traveling and she told me sometimes she wishes she could drop it all, quit her job and take off traveling with her partner for a few years. I told her she should for it to which she replied "I've never taken a risk in my life, why would I start now!" It really go me thinking that people are willing to go their lives without taking a risk. Some of you would rather live miserable than take a chance to be happy and that isn't okay.
If you wanna launch a clothing line, do it, you wanna take a one way trip to America, do it, do whatever gets you up and out of bed, do you. Do life.
If you're thinking of taking a risk, nows the time and here's  why.

You're Only getting older
With age comes responsibilities - university, career, marriage, family, sick parents and the works. The world waits for no one! 
If you've spent years dreaming, thinking and talking about travelling the world, you're not going to stop wanting to do it, so do it. If you don't, you'll end up regretting it. It's that simple. 
Every minute you spend contemplating putting your job, renting out your place and travel is a minute you could of spent on the beach in The Bahama's. 

The Time Will Never Be Right
There is 24 hours in a day and that isn't even always enough to get everything you need done for the day. So when you're sat at your 9-5 job thinking maybe I'll start my clothing line in a couple of months when I'm less busy.. How can you guarantee you'll be less busy? what if its the opposite? What if you end up swamped in things to do and before you know it, it's been 5 years and you're still sketching on your office files!
It really is now or never, tomorrow isn't guaranteed for anyone and thats a sad truth. 

If You Don't Do, You Wont Know
As over used as it is, you won't succeed if you don't try. You may fail along the way but it's better to fail trying that to fear failure and disabling yourself. Failing and succeeding are equally as important and go hand in hand. No one finds their niche in the world without hitting a few speed bumps and getting a few bruises along the way! 

You Will Evolve
Does taking risks make you a better person? Maybe, depends on the risk.. Does it make you stronger? Yes, yes, definitely yes. So go ahead take that adventure, go sky diving, take that year off uni! Live. Just simply live your life for you and only you. Your happiness is yours for the taking! Think what's the best that could happen, not whats the worst. Change your mind set, let yourself evolve. Be the real you. 

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