Finding Yourself: 5 Things To Remember

1. Be Selfish
It is IMPOSSIBLE to live in a world where you constantly seek to please others. The world is cruel. You will not make it if you continue to act like you don't deserve the best there is. You do deserve it, you deserve everything good that can happen in ones life.
Whether you believe it or not.
2. Be Your Own Advocate
No one will defend you. Absolutely no one is going to put themselves down for your benefit. You need to fight for what you want, it'll be the only way you get things. No one is coming on a white horse to save you. You need to be able to fight your own daily battles.
3. Be Your Own Hero
You do to need saving. I repeat you do not need saving. You are complete. You are perfect as yourself. You can do it. Do not rely on others for your happiness. Ever.
4. Speak Up
You matter. What you have to stay matters. Your thoughts matter, your feelings matter. Preach your beliefs. Let everyone hear what you have to say. If they don't like it or agree, fuck them. Be free with your thoughts. Bottling things up is deadly.
5. Be Confident
Be confident. Take pride in yourself. You're a piece of art. Know your self worth, be poised, be graceful. Know that you are perfect the way you are.
Finding yourself isn't an easy task. We change and evolve everyday but somethings are important to remember. Sometimes we  all struggle and need a little friendly reminder and a lil push.
All my love x


  1. I totally agree that sometimes you've gotta be selfish! If you don't put yourself first, nobody else will! This is a great motivational post - "Be your own hero" is such a good mantra! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 🌷

  2. Love love loveeee this post!!! I mean still have waiting for a prince on a White Horse tho! ;) xox

  3. 6. Pretend to be your ex's gf and insult yourself on text in order to win back your ex

  4. This is so important - love number 4! xXx

  5. I loved reading this but number 3 hit me the hardest!

  6. Love this - I am currently working on number 3 and 5! (:

    Ashlee xx