It's Okay Not To Be Okay

We all have those days where everything that could go wrong is going wrong. We look around and see  ourselves surrounded by 'normal' people getting on with their 'normal' lives and feel out of place.
It's so easy to confuse emotions. Just because you're not currently content and happy with your situation at this moment in time, doesn't mean you will never be.
Comparisons are poison. I used to be a religious comparer but all it did was make me continuously unhappy. Those normal people we see, they have their own battles  we don't know about. Sometimes what we envy is much worse than what we have.
You are your own person, you live and orchestrate your own life. It's okay not to be okay sometimes. I mean who said you have to be okay all the time? Where the fuck is that a rule? Embrace yourself, lows and highs, peaks and pits, they all make you, you.
Young adult life can be v stressful. Nothing is what we thought. Everything is continuously changing. Overwhelmed and stressy just don't seen to cover what you'll feel at times.
Change is scary, yes I'll admit that. It doesn't always sit well with people, we  want what we're used to, like a cosy blanket of normalcy. Unfortunately thought things aren't meant to stay the same forever. We grow, we change, we evolve, as our energies grow, we simply outgrow things in life. It's nature. It happens.
It's okay to from getting really good grades to the odd bad ones, people have off days, somethings we just don't get. Everyone can't understand everything, then we wouldn't have specialists in things. Get my drift? But a few bad grades don't mean you're failing at life, you're okay.
Maybe you think you're going to be with a  certain someone forever, but it doesn't go to plan. Thats okay too.
Maybe nothing at all has happened today and you just feel like crap, thats completely fine.
Its okay to feel things. Emotions are there to be felt. Its okay to be sad, its okay to not be okay every now and then.
It's not necessary to have an explanation to why you feel like how you do. You don't owe people shit to have to explain things to them.
I am more than aware I am extremely blessed in life and luckier than most with my blessings. I never want to come across as if I take it for granted but aside from all of that, I have days where I don't feel up to life, I don't wanna fight my daily battles, it can get tiring.
It's okay to feel like a mess, its okay to not have 'it all' together, whatever 'it all' is, its okay not to know what you want. You don't need an answer today or tomorrow or by the day after tomorrow. It will come in time.
I cannot stress enough that it is okay not to be okay.
Life isn't easy. It is a constant uphill battle. Life will never be perfect as a picture and nor will we as humans be.
Do not pretend you're okay to please others. Not being okay doesn't make you any less than you are.
Embrace being perfectly imperfect. Love your flaws as much as you do your good points.
Just remember, maybe not today or tomorrow but with time, patience and self love, you will be fine. You've got this. Don't be scared to feel.

All my love x


  1. It is okay not to be okay, but when you start doing things that really aren't okay, that's when you've gotta start realizing something needs to change before things start going downhill. You might even lose someone you care about in the process. Interesting post tho.

    1. Good people never change fully, it's never too late to turn it around for them. The choice to see and help them change though is debatable. People make bad choices when they're hurt and they feel alone. Same as how loved ones can't turn their backs on eachother for long. It's an inevitable pull. David beat Goliath right, good overcomes bad. Someone special to me said that once.
      All my love B.G x

  2. I love this post <3 I feel like so many people - bloggers especially - feel like we always need to have it all together and act like we have this perfect life. But it's okay to mess up and have bad days. Failure is just an opportunity for learning and growth xx

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

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