You're Not In My Life

Theres a reason you're always on my mind but you're not in my life,
We all have at least one person in our lives that isn't really involved or technically in our lives anymore however they still somehow manage to be a looming presence, hanging over us like an invisible storm cloud. *Que thunder bolt and storm noises.* 
This person probably makes you angry. Like I mean blood boiling, temper rising, satans crotch fire breathing angry.. Okay that might just be me, short with anger issues over here allow me. But the reason they make you angry might not always be clear to you. 
The mention of their name, a sight of their picture can bring your mood down like the value of the pound in todays economy, yikes.
You're blocked on mostly everything however you still somehow manage to see them, even if its just as your friends innocently scroll through their news feeds and it instantly makes your stomach flip! Thats literally the worst stomach related feeling ever, aside from like starvation ect, I've found so many things this way, not pretty. Anyways back to the subject. 
No matter what the reason is you get angry, whether you know or not, let it go. Just breathe and exhale it out. 
They're no longer in your life for a reason. You may of had good memories, they may have been your friend, love, family member etc, but they're gone for a reason, whether you believe it or not, God is good and he works in mysterious ways that are always beneficial. 
Things happen, people change, we grow apart. So why waste your time getting mad or trying to get even over the past? You will never be able to change it. Thats just a sad fact. 
Do not give people the time of day and space in your thoughts, as they aren't doing it for you. Why waste precious storage up there, some of you don't even have much to spare in the brain memory department, its all love, but allow it. Why harbour negativity in a limited capacity? Do you want fried brains? Nah, I didn't think so. 
Your time and presence is precious. Focus on the good energies in your life. Ask good people how they are, how their day was, YOU WILL ONLY BENEFIT FROM BEING NICE TO GOOD PEOPLE. Feeding snakes will only breed you snakes. 
Avoid thinking about people that make you feel like shit or make you think of bad times. It's the best thing to do. Letting go is hard, but its needed. Forgive, move on, never forget. Learn and mature.
Sometimes though life is unexpected. If you get thrown into a situation where you have to deal with people you would rather cheese grate your face off than talk too.. then kill them with kindness.
The good you bring into others lives will only increase their changes of karma coming round and fucking them the hell up. Show them why exactly they don't deserve you in their lives.
Old doors close so new and better ones can open. Don't be fooled, don't be bitter. 
Be forgiving, be graceful. 
All my love.


  1. Love and relate to this post SO MUCH! Fellow short hot-tempered human over here. Definitely agree with being nice to good people - there are some people that no matter how much you do for them, they will never appreciate it. Lovely post xx

  2. I love this post, can relate so much!
    Melissa x

  3. This is such a powerful post! Love it, and just the thing I needed today x
    Morgan /

  4. I can honestly say, I currently have nobody like this in my life! I'm sure I will again at some point though, it's inevitable haha.

    Hazel -

  5. Love love LOVE this post girl! So powerful and so so true, go you! xx

    Em //

  6. LOVE this post! Just so darn relatable! I have finally done my exhaling and it feels good!

    Ashlee (: