It Didn't Work Out

"It didn't work out"
Take a breath, it's okay.
It's funny how much a couple of words strung together can hold so much... raw emotion. These four words stop you in your tracks. I guess they have this ability to paralyze you, leave you numb, even when they shouldn't.
They're the way love ends and the story of why my heart hurts sometimes when I catch myself living in the past, the way the story of your heartache begins.

Ultimate December Playlist

There is nothing better than blaring Christmas music! I love, love, love all of these songs. They lift my mood and get me in the best spirits ever. Who would want to miss dancing around in their PJ's with hot chocolate trying to sing along to Mariah.
So deck ya fucking halls and have an impromptu Christmas sing song. Make a hot chocolate, grab your Santa hat and dance around with your Elf on a shelf.. or a spare human if you have one handy!
Without further adieu I give you my ultimate December playlist! I hope you enjoy my Christmas favourites as much as I do.

Enjoy my loves x