It Didn't Work Out

"It didn't work out"
Take a breath, it's okay.
It's funny how much a couple of words strung together can hold so much... raw emotion. These four words stop you in your tracks. I guess they have this ability to paralyze you, leave you numb, even when they shouldn't.
They're the way love ends and the story of why my heart hurts sometimes when I catch myself living in the past, the way the story of your heartache begins.

Ultimate December Playlist

There is nothing better than blaring Christmas music! I love, love, love all of these songs. They lift my mood and get me in the best spirits ever. Who would want to miss dancing around in their PJ's with hot chocolate trying to sing along to Mariah.
So deck ya fucking halls and have an impromptu Christmas sing song. Make a hot chocolate, grab your Santa hat and dance around with your Elf on a shelf.. or a spare human if you have one handy!
Without further adieu I give you my ultimate December playlist! I hope you enjoy my Christmas favourites as much as I do.

Enjoy my loves x

You Go Girl

Girls, it 2016. And I think it's fair to say a lot has gone on, I mean, a lot. For everyone, but women have definitely taken a big hit in all this. It feels as if we're going backwards. So this is Em, your friendly neighbourhood girl boss to remind you that you go girl.Let's take a seat, grab a cuppa, or cocktail whatever tickles your fancy and lets chat about you. Because you matter. Never forget that and never let somebody tell you different, we've come too far as a team to be tied down by brainless comments, and by looking past them just shows the world how strong we are, we know better than to take those things to heart, only as building blocks to make us a better person.Being a girl boss, to me, is being you and taking the wheel of your own life and having control, being the boss. Not letting people tell you who you are, and not blaming others for your position in life. Don't wait for something to come to you, you go out there and reach out to the opportunities and chances in life. And don't listen to the scrutiny, doubt, neglect, a girls got to do what a girls got to do.
A piece of advice I was once given, and continue to give others and myself is: You teach others how to treat you, start by treating yourself. You are you, and you are golden. Love yourself, treat yourself how you'd want to be treated by others. It's so important to learn to treat yourself right instead of doubting yourself because, after that, you're invincible.
The time is now, ladies, we got to start asking, taking those risks, or we'll never know. It's hard, but you'll be glad you did. If you find yourself getting scared ask yourself 'if it fails, what's the worst that could happen?'. And don't be disheartened by rejection, again take it as a building block and build upon it, show them what they're missing out on, whatever it may be. Leading from that, learning to say yes to things, don't be shy, take these opportunities with a firm grasp. You deserve it. All the same, learn to say no. You don't have to do what others say if it makes you unhappy, uncomfortable or you just simply don't want to. You have every right to say no, it's going back to the treating yourself right, although putting yourself outside your comfort zone is sometimes good, it my not always be the case, and it's your call whether to say yes or no. Nobody knows you better than you do.
Something else to address, which is preached a lot, but I feel I need to contribute to. Girls, lets support girls. Whatever it may be, we're a team and we've got to work together. Unlike some perceptions of 'boss' being one person at the top. There's no hierarchy in this team, we're all bosses, bosses of ourselves.
The final thing I want to express. Forgiveness. Although this post was aimed to my fellow girls, it doesn't mean that others are in the same boat, whichever boat it may be, and whoever it may be. People forget, loose control, become oblivious, we're only humans it happens. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they've got and it's not going to be easy, for you or them. Things will get messy. But it's making sure you don't let them/it happen again. Forgive and forget as it were, but don't let yourself become vulnerable from it. If I haven't said it enough, build upon it.
And remember, you go girl.
Thank you to Aliyah for letting me to this guest post, it was a pleasure writing it and I hope you all like it!
Em x

Blogmas: A Thank You

OH MY GOD! You guys its already Blogmas! No way has this year flown by so quickly! So much has happened, peaks and pits, good and bad this year has literally been madness. Like Kylie Jenner was right, this year has been the year of realising things.
I just want to start this off by saying a huge thank you to everyone who's stuck by me and my crazy need to write. I've been a blogger 6 years now and I'm not the most consistent and I definitely can never stick to one url, design or even font but I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my frozen heart to everyone who has ever stuck by me. To all my readers, especially the ones still around from my tumblr days, you guys make my life. To my friends and family who continue to support and motivate me in voicing my opinion. 
I couldn't be the loud mouthed short girl I am today. 
I'm so excited to be taking part in Blogmas this year! Although technically this isn't a very festive type post, it is the season of being jolly and spreading some love, and I receive so much of it, I can't not give it back!

I love you all endlessly x