I'm a Trust Fund Baby

I'm a Trust Fund Baby. There, I said it. I am one of those people who make others roll their eyes and mutter under their breath in distaste. Let me explain before your imagination takes over. I am both one of them and one of you.

I don't think I've ever spoken about this to anyone, like ever. I think its trust fund 101 to never discuss money or anything related to it that gets us a cocked head and eyebrow raise.

13 Reasons Why - Review & Theory

Hello, internet people and welcome to your tape. Just kidding! I have missed you!
Although I am quite miffed with the witch hunt going on in the blogging community at the moment, I have missed being a blogger, in all its glory and gore. I agree that certain things in our line of work need to stop however I am sure there are ways other than tearing each other down to do it.
I feel like this post sort of fits in right now.

Unpopular Opinions

How ironic that unpopular opinions.. have become popular. Honestly, this generation is a walking contradiction. I love it.
So because no one loves to throw out controversial statements as much as this bitch, some might say I have a knack for starting beef - I simply think I'm thought provoking and seriously misunderstood. Tragic isn't it!

An Anxiety Update

The last time I wrote about anxiety I was in school.. that was over 3 years ago, and boy if I thought I had it bad then, well lets just say shit hit the fan.
I've always been an anxious person like I will work myself up and worry myself sick thats always been a part of my personality but even that really doesn't prepare anyone for a panic attack. They are awful.
I've going through a very stressful phase in my life recently, emotionally, professionally you name it, it has been a taxing time and on top of that I lost the one thing/person that calms me down when I start feeling anxious, so as you can tell, its all been a bit wild.

Favourite Drugstore Foundations

I asked my little loves on twitter what they wanted to see more of on my blog and the majority said beauty related posts, so here I am giving it a shot!
Please note I am in no way trying to say I know everything about makeup or anything, I'm just an avid makeup hoarder like the rest of you praying her eyelashes go on nicely.
I feel like a lot go beauty guru's tend to rave on about high end foundations more often, but I feel like the younger demographic of their readers or viewers who are just starting out in makeup or just people who love makeup but don't have £40 to splurge on one bottle of foundation alone can feel left out.

Confessions of a Short Girl

Trust me its a whole new world down here!
Being short has forever been a part of my life.. like I'm pretty sure I stopped growing in year 5. Sounds like it sucks right? Well you would be surprised it doesn't always!
Heres Confessions of a Short Girl, straight from your favourite short girl.

Dear 2017

Dear 2017,
I must say you have snuck up on us, but don't get me wrong, I'm extremely glad, slightly hungover but glad none the less and ready to start this year. Although I do ask, you take it easy on us. 2016 was.. well lets just not talk about it.