Confessions of a Short Girl

Trust me its a whole new world down here!
Being short has forever been a part of my life.. like I'm pretty sure I stopped growing in year 5. Sounds like it sucks right? Well you would be surprised it doesn't always!
Heres Confessions of a Short Girl, straight from your favourite short girl.

So I usually viewing life from 5'1 and under, unless you know I'm on a plane or someones shoulders or being catapulted into space.. and yes it has it cons, but it has so many pro's that people over look, kinda of in the same way that they look over my head when they lose me in a crowd or at the bar.
Now before I get too into it, yes, people do use me as an arm rest every now and then and no I do not need help reaching the top shelf. I can get on all the rides at Thorpe park thank you for being worried about my entertainment and yes I can see your ashy dry knee's, painfully clear, please moisturise, they're in my direct eye line. I think that wraps up the short girl FAQs, if you have any others, keep them to yourself or feel free to deposit them in the comment section at the end of this hopefully, short post! - See what I did there? Short, like me? Like the whole theme of this?? You better get it.
Anyways moving on slightly, I don't mind being short, I think it suits me, fits my characteristics and its definitely useful in helping me go under the radar. Like no one really notices the small short girl do they, I sort of exist in a small harmless bubble. Oh how looks can be deceiving! Short girls can be the devil too you know, I think its cause we're closer to the ground, hence closer to hell? Yeah don't piss us off.. Just saying.
Now let's talk about the perks of the petite life.
Can't find a top in your size? Girl you can totally rock that shit as a dress. Feeling cold on a night out?   You could borrow almost anyone's jacket and probably fit a companion in there with you!
Big crowds can be slightly annoying but my weaving skills are top notch and there's almost always someone who wants to put you on their shoulders.. yeah I'm not sure why that is but comes in handy at music festivals and generally wherever large crowds form!
Everyones always trying to crack a joke or just embarrass me over being small and I'm just like.. Okay? You wish you could pull off this frame you bloody giraffe, shut up.
I'm short and I like it that way! Sue me.

Aliyah x


  1. I may have laughed a little over your, please moisturise your knees comment. Haha. I myself am only 5'4 and absolutely love being short. I always fit through crowds like a ninja, am sweet and innocent 'til someone pisses me off.. and as for heels. I love the fact I can wear them everyday and still be shorter than my man.
    I love being short and wouldn't even change it!


  2. I thought this was hilarious! I am 5'2.5 and it is only recently I realised I am pretty short LOOL. SNAP on the being an arm rest, I had that a lot. #TeamShortGirls all the way! (:

    Ashlee |