In My Brown Skin

My brown skin is under represented. That's just a fact, but I'm not willing to accept it anymore.
Theres a struggle of racial identity in coloured youth and it's simply because we don't seem to still fit into any role model associated positions. We are constantly provided with a white view of what we should aspire to be, and that is white, however we are not white, so its an uphill battle with no end.
So who am I supposed to be? Am I supposed to exemplify my stereotypes, or simply flex my complexion and be me? And at that I have a threat as being labelled as 'acting white' which is what? Being educated? Speaking properly? Those are not simply white people traits, but they are still held as superior traits that some of us shouldn't possess, in 2017, how crazy.
Growing up we all want to be a lot of things. Some of us wanted to be actors, some had idols such a Leo, Meryl, Emma Watson you name it.

Some of us wanted to be models, the next Miranda, Cara or Candice?
Who can little me in my brown skin be? Think hard and tell me how many people you think truly represent me and one Big Bang Theory actor doesn't count, nor does Apu from the Simpsons, he isn't real.

Yes, we have Dev Patel and Neelam but is that ALL we have to represent us?
How many brown actors starting out hoping to make it do you think have to audition and then be asked to play roles such as a terrorist or a corner shopkeeper?
THAT is our representation in the film industry, we grow up watching ourselves being reflected as villains, terrorists or a comical extra, who we're laughing at, not with.

We see white models shooting for South Asian clothing because our beauty standards are, you and your culture are gorgeous but it needs white skin to be amplified and respected in the media.
Why was Gigi Hadid on the cover of Vogue Arabia? Did all the Saudi, Indian, Bengali and Pakistani models die? Or do we simply not exist because we are not given an avenue, even by opportunities that were created for us.

We see the internet as this massive safe haven for all. We almost created this complete alternate universe where we give people voices to represent us.
We've given YouTubers the opportunity to go from their bedrooms to Parliament and beyond yet I can flick through a magazine and see Zoella and Tanya Burr before I see Lilly Singh or Kaushal Beauty? We cant even bring diversity into an environment we've solely created to encourage diversity.

I think this is an ever present fight, but its tiring.
I pray one day that little brown girls face a future when they aren't just instagram MUA's but instead the next Pat McGrath's and that a beautiful brown man has played James Bond and that we have more than one MP representing us.


  1. You inspire me, and this post is amazing. Your fierce honesty is fucking awesome, and I love you.
    I myself will always try to do better, and I hope that others will too.
    Jemma | DORKFACE

    1. I've just seen this! You are a part of what motivates me to do better! Thank you. I love you endlessly xxx

  2. This post is very touching as I also feel like people of colour are not represented in the media. However, it's up to us to speak out and make awareness of this and be the poster girls for all the other young girls who look up to us��

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