13 Reasons Why - Review & Theory

Hello, internet people and welcome to your tape. Just kidding! I have missed you!
Although I am quite miffed with the witch hunt going on in the blogging community at the moment, I have missed being a blogger, in all its glory and gore. I agree that certain things in our line of work need to stop however I am sure there are ways other than tearing each other down to do it.
I feel like this post sort of fits in right now.

If you haven't watched 13 Reasons Why, the new Netflix original taking the entire universe on an emotional rollercoaster, then where have you been? However, if you have watched the show you the antagonizing feeling of not being able to speed Clays tape listening skills up! Like, come on boy! You keep asking questions when you know the answers are already in your tape player waiting for you!!!

It's emotional, it's stressful and the worst part of it all it's relatable. It's literally the story embedded in every school. In all our lives. It's so strange to see an almost split image of the school I went to and the type of daily situations we went through portrayed so perfectly on screen.

However, I think the shows glamorisation of suicide is very trigger happy. Without giving too much away, the theme of everyone glorifying Hannah's death by everyone understanding their mistakes could be very very hard for someone who is currently dealing with a difficult time in their lives, especially if they are in school and facing bullying. You shouldn't have to commit suicide for people to understand what they're doing wrong and for people to learn their actions have consequences.
For them to then actually show the suicide scene I feel like could cause more issues than solving them. Vulnerable people are not stupid and do not need to be babied however we can't put their darkest thoughts in front of them in names of awareness and not think, hold on, could this backfire and be a little detrimental? But you may completely disagree and that's fine these are my opinions solely.

Another issue that I have with the depiction of this story, that sort of holds me back from wholeheartedly rooting for this show is the whole "If Clay loved her she wouldn't of killed herself". As much as I wish it did, love does not cure mental illness. Yes, its good to have people who love and care about you as support so you can heal however just simply being in love without structured support is not enough, love is not a pretty plaster to put over depression and serious mental health problems. I think with the rise of social media outlets such as Tumblr led our generation to see this false romanticization of issues such as depression, suicide and self-harm.
Also, did anyone ever think what effect this has on people who's best friends, partners, spouses, children etc have committed suicide? Wasn't their love enough to save someone? They basically failed this person and how have to deal with the guilt of being responsible for a death for as long as they live?

I think all though they handle a lot of situations and portrayed them well, I don't think it was executed as thoughtfully as it could be to the viewers, especially those who relate far more than we could ever wish anyone too.

Throughout the episode's we see that even though Hannah has killed herself and everyone is starting to feel guilty, it doesn't stop them from treating Tyler like shit. And yes I get he's done wrong but so have they all.. but yes, the not so fantastic gang continue to beat down on Tyler, who continues to relentlessly try and be a 'part of this'.

Towards the end we see a lot of the characters deteriorate into alcoholic messes or just withdraw within themselves completely. Alex Standall being one who I feel like evokes sympathy straight away because he's sort of the first to admit and feel genuine guilt over what they all did to Hannah during their time as friends.  

Alex then supposedly shoots himself in the head during the final episode and obviously, we already know the motive behind it, he feels guilty because of what happened to Hannah. His father being a policeman covers how he got his gun etc so Alex trying to commit suicide sounds all the most possible. Until we remember that Tyler, also recently acquired a gun.

My theory is, Tyler shot Alex in some sort of twisted state of mind where he believes if he kills everyone on the tapes, he'll make it up to Hannah and be a hero who avenged her. Or he got fucking fed of being treated like shit and decided he wanted to blow everyone's brains out. Who the fuck knows. But it does seem suspect that at the end of episode Tyler is seen developing everyone's photos and the only picture he takes off the line is of Alex. Is that his checklist? Is going after everyone or did Alex really just have enough? 

Let me know what you think, until next time! 


  1. I had such mixed feelings about this series I really don't know how to feel! But that's such an interesting theory, one I hadn't thought of gal, now you're making me question everything haha! But this was a great review and I'm so glad you're back blogging!! xxx

    Em // Emilybecca.com

    1. I'm glad to be back! I'm upset of the portrayal of Hannah. They've made suicide look like a way to get back at others so that they can pay for their actions which is really sad! I appreciate that they touched on certain subjects though. I completely get you on mixed feelings! xxx

  2. I agree about Tyler. What nobody seems to be mentioning is that he has more than guns. When his mom sneaks up on him, as he's putting the false bottom back in his trunk, we see he's also got a couple pretty hefty pipe bombs.

    1. I completely missed the pipe bombs! I feel like if there is another season, it will focus on Tyler and gun related violence that we are currently experiencing!

  3. I haven't watched the series yet but I still love this post. Especially the part regarding the "If Clay loved her she wouldn't have killed herself"-comments. I love how this series encurages people to discuss these topics more regardless of how well they're portrayed in the series itself. xxx yella

  4. The show was very hard for me to watch. And it differs quite a lot from the book.
    It deals with such taboo subjects, so I appreciate the awareness it's giving mental illness/depression and suicide. But I agree it could have been handled better.

    As for your theory, Alex doesn't die in the book so I have no idea what to think about that! I also don't like that a second season is in the works as this wasn't the point of the book. But hey ho.
    I think I agree with you though, seems like Tyler may be going after them all, maybe this is what season 2 will be about?

    Kt x

  5. I am in two minds about the show. Once side is rooting for the show, as it shows awareness and the other feels like they fabricated the storyline and it's not true or authentic to real life

  6. I had the same theory! I enjoyed watching the show but I think one of it's biggest flaws is the fact that it didn't really offer another alternative to suicide. I think it would've been so much better if they'd shown Hannah suicide but then had throughout the series all of these alternative ways that she could have gone and outlets there were for help etc.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  7. I loved thirteen reasons why and I thought the same thing when I saw tyler with that gun and the pictures.